Sportstichting Wageningen Universiteit Thymos

Attention students of Wageningen University!


Today, two young boys called David (9 years old) and Mocne (8 years old) came to visit our office to ask for our and your help! These boys like to skate and scooter on the skating park in Wageningen North West. Unfortunately, the skating park has grown too old for skaters to really enjoy themselves. This is why the boys decided to rally all of Wageningen and started a petition in the hopes of getting the Wageningen municipality to renovate the skating park for all residents of Wageningen, including the students! David and Mocne will visit the municipality on the 20th of May to ask attention for their initiative. The youngsters want to present as many signatures supporting their cause as possible.


If you (like us) support David and Mocne in their pursuit of a renovated Wageningen skating park, then please sign their petition here:


If you want to see the boys in action, then check out this cool video they made about the skating park:


We wish David and Mocne the best of luck with their petition!